Over the half of the invisible passive nodes got visible based on Loop-B


-       01 Aug 2017


KBTO announced that half ofthe invisible WDB nodes due to architectural limitation of the IDM got visible in the operation center. After beginning Loop-B plan from the March, 2017, over half of WDB nodes are now visible. The figure shows WDB nodes that already looped, which are visible in monitoring system.


Loops map


Because passive distribution nodes (refers to WDB) has no active devices and no electricity, KBTO was not able to monitor the status of those nodes and links even WDBs are spread 150 locations all over the Mazovian voivodship. The IDM network, that has length of the network over 3,600 km, has very high risks of cable damages by other parties in various constructions tasks such as road expansion, water sewage construction, bridge reconstruction, and so on. Therefore, KBTO began to Loop-B for all WDB nodes. In order to overcome the architectural limitations of the IDM network, KBTO has announced a loop-back plan to monitor optical cables of all passive distribution nodes. For more details, refer to the previous article. KBTO also adopted monitoring solution of NAGIOS and the NAGIOS notifies to the KBTO Technical Department when the cable damage was happened. Therefore, the reaction time of cable damages by our technical department is dramatically decreased, that results increase of resilience, robustness and maintenance of the infrastructure.


For example, the optical cable was damaged in the Pacew area in early of July. Thanks to the Loop-B, technical department receives notification from the Nagios system, our staff member visited the area and located the exact place of the cable damage, and found who damages the cable. Without the Loop-B, technical department could not recognize the cable damages and it would be detected only when one of staff members visits the node and measures optical fibers. There were several cases like Pacew, but KBTO immediately recognized each damage, and reacted each damage.


Now, KBTO can keep the network in good manner with monitoring of WDB nodes.


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